1. What is the material of the garment? 

 The cotton is sustainably sourced locally and all manufacturing is done in India at manufacturing unit with verified sustainability certification


2. How to wash the garment? 

The garment is completely breathable. It can be easily washed in the washing machine, at setting of mild wash at 40–45-degree temperature and for 30-40min. For hand wash, you can soak the garment in the detergent bath, carefully pressing and turning the garment, so that the wash water will absorb into the garment.  After soaking for 30-60 min you can wash it with gentle scrubbing.


3. Is there any special care to take during washing? 

The garment can be washed with regular home laundry detergent like surf excel, tide etc. However please take care that no heavy-duty industrial detergent or softener, fragrance, brightening agent or any other fabric modifiers are used during wash, as it will hamper the efficiency of the water repellent finish and reduce its durability. For hand wash, another thing to keep in mind is don’t use scrub or any hard brush material to scrub the garment, as it will remove the water repellent finish and it will hamper the efficiency of the water repellent finish and reduce its durability


4. What is the life time of the water repellent property?

The water repellent property will last upto 20-25 washes, depending on washing type and duration. The repellency may seem to reduce over usage and after multiple wash cycles, as the water bubble effect reduces. But the garment will still repel stain and easy to wipe out stain with regular water without putting away for detergent washing. Having said that, garment life time as an industrial standard is 30-35 wash cycles or upto 1-2 years, depending on wash duration. Thus, the repellency will last up to 1 year and above


5. What to do if repellence reduces?

The water bubble effect will keep on reducing as dust and grime settles on the garment with use. Once the garment is washed and dried, repellency will vastly improve. The water repellent property overall will last up to 20-25 washes, depending on washing type and duration. However even after multiple washing the repellency property can be improved by ironing the garment at low to medium heat setting after washing and drying.


6. How to iron the garment?

Please ensure not to iron for long duration as it may burn and damage the fabric. 10-15 sec ironing should increase the repellency slightly after ironing,


7. Is there any harmful effect from the water repellent finish on the garments 

The garment is manufactured sustainably and the water repellent and anti-odour finish chemicals are certified safe.  Compared to other water repellent chemicals and chemistry in the market, our water repellent chemicals are made of hydrocarbons and are certified safe by REACH and other certification bodies.


8. Will the anti-odour finish stop all odour? 

Sweat odour is caused by bacteria which grows and develops on skin. The bacteria react with sweat causing the unpleasant sweat odour. The anti-odour finish is made up of zinc and silver nanoparticles. These particles kill the bacteria and prevent the generation of sweat odour. Thus any odour such as perfume, food smell, even cigarette etc will not be stopped by the anti-odour finish


9. What is the life time of the anti-odour property? 

The anti-odour property will last till the garment life time. Which as an industrial standard is 30-35 wash cycles or up to 1-2 years, depending on wash duration


10. How can I return for exchange? 

If you have to return the garment for any issue, please reach out to support@urturms.com within 7 days from receiving the order. Our team will connect with you for exchange