About us

About us

TURMS (In Etruscan/ Greek means God of Trade/Commerce) is India's first technology driven and award-winning “Intelligent Apparels” & “Performance” fashion brand, in operation since year 2016. We are a young company with a mission to make fashion “Intelligent and Accessible” for all. We believe that the future of fashion lies in Technology, and we are working hard to make fashion more intuitive, sustainable, and inclusive. Our products are made with love and aim to provide the perfect blend of Style, Comfort and Functionality.

Customer Centric:

At TURMS we are customer-centric and always put the customer first. We believe that the customer is the key to our success, and we work hard to ensure that they are not only happy but Delighted with our products and services. We make sure that our customers have a great shopping experience and we provide them with quality garments that are made using the latest technology.

Product Quality over Quantity philosophy:

We are constantly working to offer a compact and minimalistic but focused range of garment choices, so that our customers can find the perfect garment for their needs. We are always looking for new ways to improve our products and services, and we strive to stay ahead of the quality curve in the fashion industry.

With every garment, TURMS strive to create unique pieces that are not only elegant iconic and classy but also comfortable enough for everyday wear.

Fabulous Journey Milestones:

TURMS brand milestones are a testament to our commitment to this philosophy of giving our customers the best. Since our inception in Dec 2016, in three years’ time till March 2020, we had over 30 million garments sold, with a customer base of 3,00,000 happy customers (We are proud to say that TURMS has the highest repeat customer base of  over 45%  which is one of the benchmark in this segment).

Unfortunately, we had to suspend our operations in 2020, due to Covid-19. But after this short gap, we are back with a bang, doing what we do best, ‘Creating fashion, that awe, excite and inspire, with a twist of technology’

Currently, our products currently are sold exclusively online across India through our own website and other market platforms

We hope you continue being a valued and loyal member of the Turms Community 😊



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