Functional Apparels

There is an old saying in Indian popular culture, “Roti, Kapda aur Makaan”, being the three important things in a person’s life. Roti means the food that we eat, for nourishment. Makaan, means the house we live in, that offers shelter and safety. Kapda means the cloth we wear, that protects us, from the ravages of the elements. 

Throughout human history, clothing has always been an integral part of a person’s lifestyle. The earliest forms of clothing were likely made from animal skins and were worn for warmth and protection from the sun and rain. As civilizations developed, so too did the materials and techniques used to create clothing. The ancient Egyptians, for example, developed linen and cotton textiles, while the ancient Greeks and Romans made use of wool and silk. Over time, clothing also became a means of expressing one's social status and individuality.

While most clothes served both these roles to some extent. Clothes soon began to be developed with a specific purpose in mind. Different type of clothes, grouped into different categories came into development. Clothing, whose concept, form, materials were primarily focused on protection were known as protective clothing. Whereas clothing primarily focused on uniqueness, design, style as a form of expression and identification, came to be known as casual clothing and fashion clothing.

Some of these clothing categories and types, became so popular, that they became social and cultural icons in their own right 

For example, The Two-Piece Swim Suit, popularly known as the Bikini, is a fashion clothing, worn not for protection, but to express an idea of thought. It is widely viewed as a symbol of femineity and a woman’s freedom of expression. The Bikini had its first appearance in 1946. It had been originally designed as the world’s smallest bathing suit, partly due to material constriction after World War 2. There has been a wide variety of styles and interpretations of the bikini over the years, ever since its inception but it is still an enduring symbol of pop culture fashion.

On the other hand, The combination of gloves,masks,apron and scrubs worn by doctors is known as a PPE Kit (Personal Protective Kit). This PPE kit, is a protective clothing gear designed to safeguard the health of workers by minimizing the exposure to a biological agent. The PPE Kit is very constricting, unappealing and monotonous. But it is extremely efficient in protecting its wearer from infections and diseases. During the recent Covid Pandemic, images of medical practitioners wearing PPE KITS, frantically working with countless covid infected patients in hospitals and quarantine zones, have been perceived in the media as a symbol of courage, hope, resiliency and patience, in medias all over the world.

People have always wondered and thought about ways to combine the benefit of protection and fashion, into the same piece of clothing. Such types of clothing are designed to offer a specific kind of protection required by the wearer. And at the same time, be customisable to an extent, and also offer comfort and freedom of expression. Such kind of clothing came to be known as Functional Clothing or Functional Apparels.


One of the earliest types of Functional Apparel, which also has made its mark in Fashion culture is the, “Denim Jeans”. The “Denim Jeans”, first emerged as a workwear essential in the late 19th century, worn by factory workers and cowboys as a durable and practical option for protecting against the elements. The sturdy denim fabric could withstand the wear and tear of manual labour, and the design of the pants, which featured a button fly and reinforced pockets, made them practical for everyday wear.

Over time, the denim jeans evolved from a functional piece of workwear to a fashionable item worn by people of all ages and backgrounds. Its rugged and timeless look made it a popular choice for both men and women, and it quickly became a versatile addition to any wardrobe.

In Turms, we have worked on this legacy of the denim jeans to make it even more durable and long lasting then the iconic original denims. Our 30 days denims have been made for durability and toughness, with the ability to remain fresh, even if worn for 30 days. Our 30 days Jeans collection is made up of colours that are iconic and classy, with the perfect fit. The best companion for a long journey of the self.

In this blog, we have just touched upon the history of clothing and origin of functional apparels. In the next blog, we will talk about antibacterial clothing and its importance as functional apparels