by Kamal Kumar

Work From Home on Your Own Turms

Remember being 5, putting on your dad’s shirt that reached your an...
Work From Home on Your Own Turms URturms
Remember being 5, putting on your dad’s shirt that reached your ankles, somehow flip-flopping your way to your “office desk” in his work shoes and catering to the make-believe whims of your make-believe clients? Yeah, things have come around full circle, haven’t they? Look at you fishing around to find something suitable for the Zoom/Google Meet conference call in 5 minutes from your new desk, aka the dining table! Cute.
Welcome to the ‘new normal’, the era of WFH or Work From Home. And you don’t have to make a case for us! We know the struggle is real. No one’s got it quite right just yet. Few have come close. No, banana bread can wait for the weekend, we’re talking about Work From Home clothing!
Figuring out what works for the super important meeting, but also something that doesn’t need to be ironed, and fits seamlessly with your lazyboy mood can be quite a daunting task. You know, something that helps you chill, but also keeps everyone else convinced you still mean business? While you don’t want to look like you just rolled out of bed, the virtual meetings can really drag on, and it’s paramount to stay comfy through it all. think we might have just the solution for this unprecedented ordeal. It’s all about versatility, really. Think easy-to-wear and easy-to-maintain- wrinkle free, stain free shirts that look crrrisp. And add to that an extra layer of stain-repellent protection so you don’t need to change before the follow-up zoom call because you were just a little clumsy with your ice cream during the lunch break. Isn’t that the dream? This cutting-edge stain repellent tech is powered with a Nano finish which increases the liquid contact angle of the shirt to greater than 90 degrees, causing the water to form round droplets and just roll off instead of getting absorbed. Fancy, right? With that sorted, no one really needs to know you wore pink boxers along that mandarin collared shirt. It’s business up top, party on the bottom in the ideal WFH setup, after all. to the lockdown, shorts and sweatpants are the perpetual dress code. But what if just the sharp shirt doesn’t cut it for you? Or doesn’t get you in max productive mode? We don’t want to give you another reason to get demotivated working from home, and you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for a great outfit. No, sir! This program has legs. Quite literally. Now, imagine a pair of premium, lightweight cotton chinos that not only stretches in every direction possible, but also feels softer than your argument to not do the chores today even though it’s technically your turn. But keep trying, sure. Oh, and if you spill your coffee over a heated brainstorming sesh with your colleagues, these have your back just as much as that trusty shirt. Super stretch, super sturdy, super soft, stain repellent and anti-odour. We’ve put all of it together so you feel more productive and put together, yourself! 
But if you are indeed one of the lucky ones who can get away with wearing pretty much anything, you’re in for some more luck. You deserve to let the laze in after your morning run or workout. And Turms joggers allow you to do just that with their custom anti-odour and moisture management tech. Turms’ anti-odour joggers are enriched with silver ions that keeps the bacteria from multiplying, so they smell as fresh as they feel through the day. The tech is rigorously tested and completely safe for the skin and the environment. But the best part about these high performance joggers is that you get all of the goodness in an incredibly comfy package. The elastic waistband is just perfect too! You know, if you need some extra room after indulging in some WFH snacking. Of course, you will.
Now, go and get that bread. Happy working!
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