by Kamal Kumar

UR Turms

So here are UR new Turms. Don’t get us wrong here, though. We may h...
UR Turms URturms

So here are UR new Turms. Don’t get us wrong here, though. We may have changed how we look, but everything else that you have learned to love about Turms stays the same. In fact, it only gets better from here. You know, how they say, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”. So, we didn’t.

Technology Features

Why are we here, then, you ask? Good question. It’s because we had a very pertinent question in our heads too. We wanted to figure out what made us click the way we do. And the answer was right in front of our eyes. YOU! You see, our goal, from the very beginning has been to cater to your needs to the best of our abilities. So we put the smartest minds in apparel tech together and created Turms. We wanted to be the brand you could rely on to make everything easy as could be, to help you in your daily life. Not just to fit you well, but also to help you function flawlessly, so you were ready to conquer the day, every day.

We did that with our custom stain repellent technology for all kinds of water-based stains, so nothing could stop you. We did that with our anti-odour technology reinforced with anti-bacterial properties, so you could live life on your own Turms, wear them for as long as you wanted to, and stay fresh, always. We also worked on a magical 4-way super-stretch fabric so UR TURMS would adapt to you and make you feel like they were just made for you. Because they were.

The new Turms keeps all of that goodness, but with a few key changes, such as the iconic new logo, and vibrant new colours. Turms has always aspired to be as user friendly as possible, something that you don’t need to adapt to, but that adapts to your needs. It’s because we understand the struggle, the daily hassle that comes with living an active lifestyle. So, to make things as streamlined and simple, we ensure our clothing evolves at the same pace as your ever-so evolving needs. You make us dynamic. Hence, UR always at the centre of everything T’UR’ms stands for. When you change, we innovate right along!

The colour red has influenced the fashion industry for ages. It is bold but not loud, and represents passion, happiness, with a pinch of risk- something that UR the physical manifestation of. We feel that it represents your endless zeal to outperform yesterday quite accurately. Then there’s blue. Blue symbolizes wisdom and confidence. And who’d be wiser and more confident than someone who’s ready for whatever life throws at them? Quite literally! Go ahead and let the fools you call your friends try spilling their drink “accidentally” on your shirt. Blue balances the edgy red just perfectly. Quite like how you balance living life carefree as could be because you were careful enough while setting up your wardrobe with UR Turms!


To sum it up, we’re the same great Turms you love, but in a whole new look that is fresh, young, energetic and vibrant. Something that reflects you perfectly. Because you are always at the centre of it all, every innovation we work on, every problem we solve, every OOTD we make it to– after all, Turms is ‘UR’ brand. And we wouldn’t have it any other way!