by Sandeep Kataria

Up your polo game with Supima Polos

The world’s best cotton in India’s best polos, for the best summ...
Up your polo game with Supima Polos URturms

The world’s best cotton in India’s best polos, for the best summer experience

It’s coming around to another solstice and you wouldn’t really want to be caught dead in a winter mood. We’re game for a bit of polo.

Summer calls for some cool styles and we know how heavenly a light cotton feels against a warm day. Polos tend to be the perfect play for a smooth summer style that can seamlessly go from impromptu business lunch to casual evening date

But we’re not talking about just any polo t-shirt here!

It’s time to trade up a regular polo with something that promises style, comfort and sass. Enter Turms Supima polos, made from the world’s finest cotton, grown in the United States specifically for that super soft feel that makes heat waves bearable.

That isn’t all though. Supima cotton has an extra-long fibre which means it’s not just pillowy soft, but it’s twice as strong as your run-of-the-mill cotton, and also retains colour for longer. So bye bye colour runs! And did we mention it keeps fuzzballs at bay and has a lower carbon footprint?

Supima – The world’s best cotton
  • Grown in the USA; represents less than 1% of cotton grown in the world.
  • 4X softer and 3X stronger than regular cotton.
  • Retains colour better and for longer than other types of cotton.

And for that perfect combination of comfort and style, Turms has an ace up its sleeve. We’ve brought together Supima cotton and our cutting-edge intelligent apparel technology like anti-stain and anti-odour tech to create polo t-shirts that aren’t just comfortable and stylish but which are stain repellent, stays fresh for longer and keeps you looking like a million bucks all day.

You might think of the polo as one of those safe style choices unlikely to get anybody hot under the collar. But pair it right and you might find that not much else quite measures up for all-day comfort.

Supima polos from Turms work beautifully with a variety of wardrobe staples so you can dress up or down as you please. We’re talking team games with light wash dad jeans, slim pleated trousers, and navy ripped jeans.

Be playful with your colours; it’s the tropics after all. Brighten up your day with spirited solids and chuck minimalism out the window. For a bit more movement, add prints, mini polka dots and stripes. Not altogether, of course!

Go super casual and tread the athleisure zone by teaming your Turms Supima polo with fitted sweatpants, a 90s snapback and low-top sneakers. Or dress it up with a blazer, tucked into some well-ironed chinos for a quick meeting with the boss. Got a date after work? No sweat! Pair your polo with some black jeans and espadrilles for a nice dinner or slide from smart shorts and brogues to ripped jeans and sneakers the more casual it gets.

By blending the unmatched benefits of the super-soft and super-strong Supima cotton with consumer-conscious technology and contemporary style, these intelligent polos are designed for the cream of the crop – you. So put on a Turms Supima polo and get ready to go out, and stay out!