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      In our previous blog posts, we had discussed briefly on the h...
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In our previous blog posts, we had discussed briefly on the history of clothing and how technology has shaped the development of functional apparels. We have also discussed about the novel water repellent and anti-odour properties of our Turms Intelligent Apparels.

In this blog post, we will discuss about the future technologies we are going to launch in our Nature Inspired Functional Apparels Collection.  

All the technologies listed below, have been envisioned and brought to production after countless hours of painstaking R&D in the lab and at the manufacturing level. 



The Traveller’s Dream: The Travel Wear 30 Days Fresh Denims

Most of us love to travel. Travelling gives us a sense of exploration and wonder. It enables us to be care free and become detached from the worries of day-to-day life, work stress and monotonous daily routines.

One of the major points while planning a travel itinerary, is balancing the amount of luggage to carry. The luggage should be adequate to cover all the needs and emergency requirements during travel. While also not be cumbersome and bulky for travel. So generally, only the essentials and limited number of garments are packed in a travel luggage.

During long travel durations, bulky luggage contribute to larger storage/transport charges, hamper in travel, especially going on adventurous  travel such as hiking, trekking etc. On the other hand, if travelling with light luggage and limited clothing, different set of challenges are faced by the traveller. Lack of suitable or fresh garments to wear is one of the major challenges. 

Being forced to wear the same garment, for many days, can lead to the build-up of unpleasant odour from sweat. Continuous wearing can lead to growth of bacteria, germs and cause infections and rashes. Stains, discolorations, wear and tear are also common. Restricting garments ,in addition to these problems are also uncomfortable to wear and make you want to wear something new and fresh.

Having a couple of Turms 30 Days Fresh Denims in the luggage, is the best solution to the above challenges.  These denim jeans collection have been specially designed, keeping the traveller in mind.  The jeans are anti-stain(water based stain repellent), not water proof, thus breathable. The anti-odour property is due to antibacterial/antimicrobial finish that kills and prevents bacteria, virus and other micro-organisms from growing on the fabric.The knitted denim fabric has quality lycra, which gives it ample stretch and recovery and is highly durable.

All these properties, enables the denims to be worn for multiple days at a stretch, without being uncomfortable or causing any irritation, skin infection or odour. The anti-stain property resists any stain or discolouration to the fabric.

The 30 Days Fresh Denims, has also been tested by our users and customers for up to 30 days daily wear, without any issue. These Jeans are a must have addition to any traveller’s collection.



Ultra-cool Summer Essential: The AC T-Shirt

The summers are a time of heavy sweating and unpleasant smells. The heat and humidity can lead to various health conditions. Especially in children and senior citizens. Heatstroke is a common occurrence and can lead to fatal incidents even death.

There are precautions that we can take, to reduce the negative effect of high temperature. Such as being in the shade, keeping hydration levels high by drinking lots of water and also reducing the overall body temperature by fanning or staying inside in air conditioned environment. Taking these precautions, help us keep cool and remain comfortable. But severely limits our movement and activities.

The AC T-Shirt by Turms, is a technology marvel that is made for the summer activities.  The AC T-Shirt has special properties that keep the wearer cool and fresh, even in the hot summers. The t-shirt, on coming in contact with sweat, cause an endothermic reaction, that absorbs heat from the body and releases it quickly to the atmosphere. The quick drying property also helps to dry faster and helps in the cooling through evaporation.  Overall, the t-shirt can help the wearer keep cool by reducing the temperature by 3 degrees, compared to the ambient temperature outside. The antibacterial property also helps prevent odour from sweat. Thus, these t-shirts keep the wearer, cool and comfortable during the summer heart.

The AC T-Shirt is a must have in a summer lover’s collection.


Bachelor’s Favourite: 7 Days No Wash Socks

Socks are an essential part of a man’s wardrobe. They are essential in maintaining hygiene when shoes are being worn. Socks also help to maintain temperature regulation by keeping the feet warm in cold weather and cool in hot weather. In heavy sweating of the feet, socks absorb the sweat and help in keeping the feet dry. The cushioning and support provided by socks, also help prevent injury to the feet through impact or unwanted friction with the shoes.  These properties of socks help to keep the feet dry, free from infections and rashes and also any injury or blisters.

But, socks are also the most neglected garment in a man, especially a bachelor’s collection. Socks are hidden from view practically all the time. Also being worn at the feet, covered by shoes, any stain, smell, wear and tear are also hidden by the shoes. Thus, due to convenience and lack of time , most wearers keep on wearing the same socks for multiple days , without changing into a fresh pair.

However, wearing the regular socks  continuously ,for extended duration of time can lead to several harmful consequences.  Socks when worn continuously, became saturated with sweat and become a breeding ground for bacteria, virus and other microorganisms. This can lead to the development of many diseases such as athlete foot and other fungal infections. Due to growth of bacteria, the socks will also release very strong unpleasant odour.  The formation of boils and blisters due to the dampness of the skin from the socks will also occur.  Overall, unwashed socks become a breeding ground for disease and a major hygiene and health concern.

Turms 7 Days No Wash Socks, have special long lasting antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, which prevents growth of bacteria, fungus and other disease causing microorganisms. This keeps the wearer fresh and prevents any odour from forming. The socks also have wicking and quick drying properties due to superior cotton and maintains its shape even after continuous wear. The socks have been tested by reputed 3rd party testing labs for 7-day wear trial , still maintaining its freshness and shape .


Without a doubt, these 7 Days No Wash Socks are the best addition to a bachelor’s wardrobe.


In addition to these future products being released in the coming months, other novel technologies are being constantly developed by the Turms R& D Team in their dedicated R&D Lab.


In this blog, we have discussed in brief, the future products Turms is adding to its collection. In the next blog we will be discussing about the Vision of Turms as a brand and its mission of contributing to the Indian Society.