by Flora S


It seems to get hotter every year no matter what the season, but al...

It seems to get hotter every year no matter what the season, but all you’re doing is turning up the air-con. What if you switched tactics and chose clothing that cooled you down instead? Try an ultra-light Turms shirt and you’ll get with the programme.

Now you could go with a regular cotton shirt and decide to leave it at that. But it wouldn’t show you off as suave, stylish and functional, would it? There are many more layers to cotton than what meets the eye. With an ultra-light shirt, you’ll enjoy all the goodness the world loves about cotton, but also a certain drape that doesn’t always shine through with run-of-the-mill varieties.

Turms worked long and hard to settle on 60s cotton for its lightweight collection of shirts. It may sound it, but there’s nothing old and dreary about this fabric. There’s an international classification system for yarns – the higher the number, the finer the yarn. 60 is right up there among the stars.


And like all Turms’ products, there’s something extra special about this one too. Every weave is enveloped with anti-odour and easy-cool properties that keep you fresh and cool, even after a long day at work.

To keep things interesting by way of style, Turms throws in a bit of casual chic with a slub yarn. So instead of a regular average Joe cotton shirt, your ultra-light plays with shadows and feel with a subtle textured grain. These slight knots and bumps created when spinning the cotton offer a tactile quality to this premium fabric, an organic feel that says you may be professional but you can be fun too.

Texture in your wardrobe can help you step away from the dull, plain looks all too common in affordable men’s office wear. Turms adds subtle and fun prints to give you a range of looks you can pull off, including geometrical prints and chic, muted floral patterns.

Remember, if you’re tall and slim, you can afford more distractions on your shirt, particularly if you come off as ‘skinny’. The texture and prints can build you up a bit. For those a bit heavier, go with a sleeker look - our subtle geometric prints let you play with style without throwing it off the hook completely.


It goes without saying that printed shirts ought to be paired with something understated. You can team print with print but it’s easy to slip off a cliff here. Turms’ Santiago and Fredi collection work incredibly well with everything from jeans and chinos to shorts for a casual look, tucked or untucked depending on where you’re at.

And there’s absolutely nothing stopping you from throwing on a suit and tie - simple, muted colours of course - to rock that business boat a bit.


  • Made with 60s cotton:lighter & finer yarn
  • Lighter and more breathable
  • Excellent drape
  • Textured feel
  • Eye-catching prints & stylish colours