by Akrati Pandey

The Stylish Man's Quick Guide to Accessories

When it comes to choosing accessories for men, the charm lies in th...
The Stylish Man's Quick Guide to Accessories URturms

When it comes to choosing accessories for men, the charm lies in the details. If you want to come across as a man who is classy and not only knows his style, but also owns it, you have to take the process of choosing an outfit seriously. Ideally, the rule of thumb goes that one should avoid attracting too much attention with intricate patterns or bright colours. A better approach to make a statement is to follow a certain style, unique to yourself, where the small details reflect your individuality and personality, instead.

Men’s accessories, if chosen tastefully, don’t just boost confidence or help leave a positive impression on people, but also complement your entire outfit- be it for a romantic date, a business meeting, or just a casual soiree. The right combination of a belt and shoes or a watch and a cap can lift a typical outfit to a whole new level. But why stop there? There is no dearth of options to choose from. We’re talking shoes, socks, belts, watches, bracelets, rings, earrings, glares/glasses, caps, what have you!

In today’s metrosexual times, men’s fashion does not fall too far behind women’s. There are about as many men’s fashion weeks that offer an insight into the most unique styles for men, as there are women’s. And none of these exquisite looks is considered complete without an accessory. And that’s exactly why we’re here today! Let’s help you choose the best accessories for yourself.
So, let’s review certain fundamental principles which you need to follow when choosing an accessory:

Whatever Works? Not Always.

While you could afford to wear the most bizarre and unusual accessories if you could carry them, it’s always a good idea to start safe and eventually figure out your style. So maybe start with something small: a classic watch, a leather bracelet or a pair of sunglasses. Once you’re comfortable and confident enough, you may move on to bolder experiments. So, while a neon strapped watch is sure to get you some looks, straps made out of black leather always look elegant, while brown is another great everyday choice. When it comes to a belt, choose a smooth texture so as to not attract too much attention.

Also, wearing the same accessories for every occasion? Yeah, try not doing that. Your look has to be appropriate to the time and place. A work meeting or a business dinner would warrant simple and discreet accessories. Save the bracelets and quirky glasses for something more festive and forgiving like a party.

It’s All About the Size

It really is, when it comes to accessories, at least! Accessories look best when they fit you well, and should be chosen according to the individual size, exclusively. Be sure to consider this factor when choosing an accessory. While some say that a large watch represents a high status of its owner, do take into consideration whether it fits under the cuffs of your shirt comfortably or not. There is a rule for belts too: the bigger the buckle, the more informal it’ll look.

Sunglasses are a must-have item in any men’s wardrobe. They can not only make your face look more masculine, but can also protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. But again, when choosing sunglasses, proportions matter most. As long as they’re not too tight for you, just make sure that the lower part of the glasses does not lie on the cheekbones, and you’re mostly good to go.

Mix-n-Match, but Very… Very Carefully

If you’re into leather accessories, make sure that their colour and texture matches with other leather pieces like your shoes, your belt or even your bag. When it comes to jewellery, you can mix and match, but you have to be very careful. Choose only one colour, if you have any doubts. Silver works universally and looks appropriate for almost any occasion, but gold is sure to attract a lot of attention and usually looks best during evenings or special events. Similarly, with a belt, the colour should not conflict with the watch strap or the tie clip, if you’re wearing one.

There you have it. That’s your ultimate access to the world of men’s accessories. Now, go ahead and knock ‘em out!