by Akshay Kumar Das


It’s rare to find a wardrobe without a pair of jeans. Not in 2020 a...

It’s rare to find a wardrobe without a pair of jeans. Not in 2020 at least. You can buy these workaday items of clothing pretty much everywhere, even in the grubby by-lanes of Fashion Street. But is it made from quality denim? Is it stylish? And above all, is it the right fit?

The biggest problem with buying jeans is the range of styles available today. Back in the day, jeans were the domain of the blue-collared with just one way to wear it - loosely fit with more than enough room to move around in, made with comfortable and sturdy fabric, and with deep pockets for storage. Today, there’s more trend than functionality to this piece of apparel. Turms is sewing the past with the present to offer functional jeans that are simply gorgeous.

If you look at the main styles of jeans, straight leg and boot cut are the most classic and have stuck to the shelves over the decades. But they are also the most difficult to pair and wear - you’re going back in time a bit and you want to ace the retro look, not the out-of-fashion scene. Folks with a beer bulge, please run with a mid-rise on your straight leg or you’ll risk accentuating the extra luggage.

Slim jeans flatter most body types. They offer some space for natural human bumps and lumps but lend a flattering cut that can make any old t-shirt look sexy. Reach for skinny jeans if you love your thighs and calves - they’re literally a spotlight in twill.

Slim jeans are perfect for guys who are tall or lithe, or both. If you can smell the air up there, pick a low-rise so your pipes don’t look disproportionate to your torso. If you were side-swiped by the tall gene, choose a tapered fit that ends somewhere around your ankle. Or cuff them to add length to your legs.

Experts suggest buying one size down on slim jeans as they loosen up during the first 30 washes. To complete your basic collection of jeans, it is usually advisable to include one pair of dark, one classic blue, one pair of everyday casuals, and one you stash away for occasions - nights out, date nights, Fridays at work.

By now you’ll realise that’s a lot to take in. Buying jeans should never be so complicated. That’s why we have Turms, where premium fabric, functional finishes and intelligent technology are woven together in styles that you can live in without standing too far out.

There are options for stretch and super stretch that mould to any body type that wants to squeeze in. And you know that thing with size changes we were talking about? You won’t have to worry because with Turms’ amazing technology, you won’t be washing your jeans all that often.

Thanks to its anti-microbial, anti-odour, cooling and wicking properties, there’s less sweat to wash away, giving you more time between laundry days. It’s a four-way defence system - the first two working to break down odour-causing bacteria, while the cooling and wicking properties call on special knits to draw moisture away from your skin and help it evaporate faster. And that’s not all! They’re stain-repellent too, with a certified special finish that repels water-based gunk.

So toss the fuss, and go with guaranteed style, ultimate comfort and intelligent jeans every time. It’s a no-brainer!


  • Functional & Stylish
  • Intelligent Fabric
  • Anti-microbial & anti-odour
  • Cooling & stain-repellent