Sweat? No sweat!

That you smell great is one of the best compliments you could get. ...
Sweat? No sweat! URturms

That you smell great is one of the best compliments you could get. Wouldn’t you agree? On the contrary, it’s an easy bet you’re well aware of that that stink eye, disgusted face, and sashay away at the gym after a heavy workout sesh or a yoga class, no thanks to your sweat-soaked T-shirt. While it’s a fact that exercise is supposed to boost your mood and make you feel good, not smelling good enough can kill the mood just as efficiently. And not just for you, but for everyone around you, too. When you’re trying to find the right clothes, for your workout or, a night out or just to wear to work every day, it’s not only the fit and the style that are important. If you’re someone who sweats a lot and spends way too much time washing your smelly clothes, or you just want to stay looking clean and smelling fresh through the day, it might be essential for you to invest in anti-odour gear that works to keep you miles away from body odour. What’s more? Combined with some nifty anti-stain tech, you can rest assured your clothes won't smell and you can, fairly hygienically for a change, repeat them, if that’s your thang!


Let’s break it down, though. What exactly is this magical anti-odour technology? And what works best for your specific use cases? Grab a pen and a notepad, or just bookmark this blog because we’re about to lay it all out for you.To understand how anti-odour technology works, let’s start by quashing the misunderstanding that sweat causes body odour. Sweat isn’t the real culprit- B.O. merely occurs when sweat reacts with bacteria that live on your skin. Sweat, on its own, is odourless. So we’re not really trying to make you sweat any lesser, because that would be unhealthy. Instead, anti-odour technology captures and blocks or kills odour-causing bacteria that comes from your body.
It neutralizes the bacteria before it mixes with sweat, decreasing the amount of body odour. When bacteria can't interact with the moisture from your sweat, odours vanish. Poof! (For the nerds, it’s actually enriched silver ions that prevent the odour-causing bacteria from multiplying by blocking the division process.) Benefit: clothes that smell fresh and clean for longer!

Where do you find these magical clothes, though? At Turms, of course! With everything from knitted to linen to kurta shirts, polos to henleys, and even jeans, chinos and joggers, we’ve got you covered, be it an intense workout or a nerve-wracking, sweat inducing, high stakes meeting. So don’t worry about picking up them light-coloured shirts anymore, because the entire range of Turms’ apparel and accessories is infused with this tech (and more!). While we get the tech perfect, the breathability and luxurious feel has been given just as much importance to keep you fresh throughout the sweatiest days. And we can’t stress enough on the fact that it’s also all oh-so-comfy!

The tech also comes with a promise. Our technologies have gone through some serious R&D and extensive testing at TÜVRheinland, one of the world’s leading testing service providers. A company founded almost 150 years ago, TÜVRheinland‘s highly qualified experts ensure the tests are carried out according to international standards, so the clothes you buy are completely safe, not just for your skin, but for the environment too. Our goal here is simple- to make clothing efficient, so you can perform better. When you don’t need to worry about sweating or stinking, you can relax, and live life truly unbridled.