by Asit Patnaik

Sustainable Is The New Sassy

Every purchase you make has a trickle-down effect somewhere in the...
Sustainable Is The New Sassy URturms

Every purchase you make has a trickle-down effect somewhere in the chain. And with fast fashion, the effects are usually pretty sticky for Mother Nature. Here’s where sustainable clothing by Turms comes into play.

.It’s easy for fly-by-night firms to slap a leaf-green logo on a label and call themselves eco-friendly. ‘Sustainable fashion’ and ‘eco clothing’ are quite the buzzwords to bandy about when targeting consumers who are even a smidge bit concerned about the environment. But we all know the key to sustainable fashion is eco-fabrics that are durable, and Turms has this technology down pat.

Thanks to our products tailor-made for the environment, you can chuck that wear-once-and-wash routine out the window and rock an eco-cool look that doesn’t choke the planet.

Green Chemistry

Turms uses an interesting method called C5 chemistry that helps keep its clothes more durable compared to methods used by other textile technology companies. With this procedure, your Turms apparel can be used more often between washes. And because it repels stains and smells, dries quickly and is ultra-comfortable, you’ll find yourself reaching for it every chance you get.

So go ahead, give your favourite pair of jeans another spin around the block - or several - before dropping it in the laundry load.

Water Saving

 Remember, with Turms, you’re probably doing more for water conservation than fixing leaky taps (although you should do this too!). At least 20% of the water you use at home goes into your washing machine. So the more often you wear your clothes, the fewer laundry loads you’ll have, and a silent ‘thank you’ from the planet.

 Sustainability in fashion doesn’t mean cutting out comfort or convenience and ‘popping tags’ at thrift shops for second-hand finds. Weave it through a bit of technology and you’ve got innovative, intelligent fabric that looks good, feels good and does the earth some good too.

Easy Maintenance

Save the planet and your flatmates an extra load of washing by switching to clothes that repel stains, are quick-dry and anti-odour. So no need to worry about back-splash from cooking experiments or long sweaty days at the office. Just air out that Oxford for a few hours and you’re good for Round 2.

 Turms shops around for base fabrics that are natural and environment friendly for a wardrobe that’s easy on the eye, the pocket and the planet. Most Turms apparel is made wholly of cotton or other natural material such as linen, even in athleisure wear where many companies simply opt for synthetic fabrics that take centuries to decompose naturally.

Safety Certificates

And you’ll know the Turms claim is legit from its sustainability and safety certificates from Oeko-Tex, REACH and the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). You’re guaranteed products that are safe for you and Mama Earth.

So get out there and live in your go-to get-up a little while longer. You’re saving a piece of the planet every time you wear your favourite Turms apparel.



  • Low-maintenance smart clothing
  • Almost 100% cotton / natural material
  • C5 chemistry for sustainable durability
  • Oeko-Tex, REACH, GOTS approved