by Kamal Kumar

Stay Safe, In Style!

So, masks are the new mobile phones – unnecessary when you’re flyin...
Stay Safe, In Style! URturms

So, masks are the new mobile phones – unnecessary when you’re flying solo but imperative when you’re leaving the house. With everyone sporting the ubiquitous surgical mask, you risk looking like part of a poorly-costumed Halloween-at-the-hospital zombie march.

Enter Turms, with an exciting range of three-ply, high-quality reusable masks that speak to your personality and style while offering you TÜVRheinland®-certified 99% germ protection.

During these dark times, even an unintentional ‘ahem’ could trigger a double-take in a public space. But mask-wearing doesn’t have to be the boring-yet-mandatory civic responsibility it has become. Add some colour and quirkiness to your outfit of the day so you can lighten the mood and stand out from the socially-distanced crowd.

After weeks of wearing just pyjamas, step back into reality with an essential accessory that reflects your personality. There are solids for understated style, prints or cut-and-sew tape details for a little flair, and quirky graphics or one-liners that are as perfect for your socially distanced morning run as it is for that supply run or a quick visit to the office.

Still, you have a civic responsibility to prevent microscopic droplets of olfactory and oral fluids from launching themselves onto unsuspecting strangers. Even if it’s an involuntary speech spray. Turms’ masks create a designer barrier between your face and the outside world with an anti-germ, three-ply system. 

The first layer that rests against your sensitive skin is made of Supima, the world’s finest cotton that is 2X softer and 3X stronger than regular cotton. The second is a piece of melt-blown fabric that filters out tiny particles of pollution, allergens and microbes to the tune of 0.3 microns. The outer layer is fluid-resistant cotton made with Hydrophobic Technology and fashioned with designs that are sure to turn heads (and not because you sneezed).

Hit the outdoors with confidence as this anti-odour and anti-microbial accessory makes life under cover just a little more exciting. With the outer layer cloaked in anti-stain tech that repels fluids, it stays clean and bright for longer. Stay out as long as you need to – thanks to its light-weight construction and breathable for all-day use as they offer superior breathability with Delta P = 20 Pa/cm2 for better air-flow.

And to make all-day wear more comfortable, you can also get Turms Ear Savers with these masks, a strap with easy-buttons that you can hook the mask strap on to and give your ears a break. 

 Get yourself a variety of options to match your mood - sleek solids for presentation days at the office, fun prints for casual Fridays, and cheeky one-liners for your grocery run. And make sure you have a spare for laundry days, because Turms masks are washable and reusable up to 20 washes with high BFE even after washing.

Masks may not be the ultimate trendsetting accessory we were all looking for, but they sure find a place of prominence on your face. So get one that makes a statement in both safety and style, get yourself a Turms mask today.


  • Three-layer safety
  • Lightweight with high breathability
  • 99% germ protection (certified by TÜVRheinland®)
  • Reusable
  • Easy to wash, easy to store, stain-free
  • Anti-microbial & fluid-resistant
  • Soft premium cotton
  • Trendy styles