by Ranjan Pradhan

Spotless Style With Turms

No matter how many laundry hacks you’ve got up your sleeve, hunchi...
Spotless Style With Turms URturms

No matter how many laundry hacks you’ve got up your sleeve, hunching over a stain on your favourite shirt always feels like the end of the world. Now there’s one less reason to worry. Just slip on any one of Turms’ anti-stain clothes and have the last laugh .

From your years of existence on this planet, you will have noticed that stains don’t appear only from spillage. Deodorants, strong perfumes and even perspiration can show up after a few uses. Some stains - like soft drinks - may become visible after your machine gives it a once over in hot water. Woops

There is now barely an argument in the book against anti-stain clothes. Convenience? Check. Certified? Check. Sustainable? Well, Turms’ apparel certainly is.

 Most anti-stain tech bases itself on water repellent properties that make the fabric hydrophobic. With a bit of chemical sorcery, this technology increases the angle at which liquid comes into contact with your clothes, causing it to just roll off instead of being absorbed. So if you accidentally drop juice onto your shirt, it will simply slide off and hit the floor. Pretty cool, huh?

 Increase the angle and things get rad from here on. Now the fabric can repel water and oil, and is also breathable. So you’ve not only got clothes that stay clean for longer, but are really comfortable to wear too.


Problem is, typical water repellent and anti-stain technology work beautifully with liquids sporting high surface tension - the property that makes fluids strong enough for light objects to float, like ants in water. Bring in low surface tension liquids like oil or fizzy drinks and things start to get difficult. These regular anti-stain fabrics can’t take more than a couple of washes.

Enter Turms with a special environmentally-sustainable C5-based technology that recruits silica nanoparticles to coat every thread so your clothes breeze through multiple washes. Even after prolonged use, you’ll find that stains can easily be wiped off with a tissue. Yes, curry splatter too.

Coupled with its anti-odour technology, Turms’ anti-stain clothes last longer between laundry days. And thanks to the superior yarn layered individually with this new technology, you’ve got airy, breathable apparel that feels luxurious to the touch but puts up a pretty strong defence against colourful accidents .

Say goodbye to awkward dinners when your date has an ‘oopsie’ with her cocktail or shifty glances during your presentation with a coffee spill down your front. With Turms, you can just brush it off and move on. No washing required .


  • Superior anti-stain technology
  • Comfortable fabric
  • Sustainable technology
  • Durable
  • Pocket-friendly