by Kamal Kumar

Playing our part in helping India stay safe

Turms donates the first batch of facemasks to St. Johns Hospital, B...

Turms donates the first batch of facemasks to St. Johns Hospital, Bangalore

The fact that Lockdown 4 is coming, in other words, the countrywide lockdown will be extended is a reminder of the fact that the fight against COVID-19 is far from over. And leading this fight are the real COVID Warriors – doctors and other health workers – who are on the frontlines of this battle.

At Turms, we have always believed in doing what we can to solve real-world problems, with intelligence, technology and a heart. This is why as soon as the Coronavirus pandemic hot India, we realised that masks would be critical and that they would be in a shortage. That’s why we turned out efforts towards manufacturing top-quality 3-ply masks to help people access them affordably, and thus help flatten the curve. 
We also went one step further. With news coming in that health workers and underprivileged people were not able to get masks, Turms embarked on a Masks Donation Initiative wherein we made it easy for our customers to donate masks. All they had to do was simply purchase them on our site at and we would donate them to people and institutions that needed these masks, on behalf of our customers.

In keeping with our promise, earlier this week Turms donated the first batch of Turms Essentials 3-ply face masks to St. Johns Medical College & Hospital, one of Bangalore’s premier healthcare institutions that is helping India fight COVID-19. These masks will help the doctors, nurses and other staff at St. John’s to stay safe as they go about bringing people back to good health. 

At this juncture, it is only right that we thank our customers for their generosity and kind-heartedness that made this donation possible.

Turms is committed to helping make lives and living better – be it with our intelligent apparel or with our initiatives. This is just the beginning and we will soon be donating a second batch of masks. It’s a time of unprecedented crisis and at Turms, we believe in rising to the occasion and along with our people and our customers, Turms will play its part in helping our country emerge stronger.