by Amit Kumar Gupta

Petition to Christen Super Stretchy Jeans ‘Everywear’

Hard to crush, easy to crush on! You’re finally pumped to go to th...
Petition to Christen Super Stretchy Jeans ‘Everywear’ URturms

Hard to crush, easy to crush on!

You’re finally pumped to go to the gym after a slew of excuses every day of the week. For two weeks straight. But not today! You’re all set, in the mood, you’ve eaten well and you’re going to get off work on time. Just perfect. *Record scratches*.

You didn’t carry your workout attire along. We’ve all been there, haven’t we?

Now imagine this. All of that, but you still manage to get that sick workout in. And in your jeans, too!

Because you remember you switched to those super comfortable, super stretch jeans from Turms that fit like a dream and feel like a hug. You’re on your way to gains-city!

Super stretch jeans are so totally invading the denim market right now. First created in 1978 by fashion designer Peter Golding, the revolutionary new denim style was marketed out of ACE, his uber-trendy clothing shop in London, which was frequented by the era’s most influential- the Rolling Stones, Rod Stewart, Twiggy and David Bowie.

The surge in their popularity, however, started only a few years ago and they’ve already established themselves as probably the most sought after jeans right now. So, no matter what “experts” might try to tell you, they aren’t going anywhere.

But will stretch jeans look good on you? And what functional benefits do they serve over conventional denims for a professional such as you? Is there a better alternative over stretch jeans, even- like a Super Stretch, maybe? Right. Consider this your definitive guide to everything you ever wished to know about stretch jeans. There are countless reasons to fall in love with them but we’ll count a few for you. Read on, and pick yours!

Let’s start with what stretch jeans are, after all. Made out of a relatively new type of denim that incorporates just the right amount of elastane, these jeans ensure uncompromised flexibility and resilience, and look similar to your regular set of jeans. Along with the flexibility, they offer exponentially more “give” for your body movements, making them ideal for all body types. Despite that, stretch jeans retain that familiar robustness that you’ve come to love and expect of your denims.

But that’s just stretch jeans. We’ve gone beyond that with evolved 4-way stretch tech that allows the jeans to stretch and recover both width and lengthwise. Now, we’re in Super Stretch territory! What that means is that you can be free and active without deforming what you're wearing. Easily maintained, they also offer a wrinkle-free experience that in our opinion makes them a no-brainer, no matter if you’re crazy lazy or not. And don’t you worry about them jeans getting saggy and misshapen over time.

Turms’ Super Stretch 50% can stretch 1.5x its actual size. So clearly it ain’t a stretch to say regular jeans just can’t touch this!

What is Super Stretch?

Jeans with 4-way stretch tech that can stretch and recover both width and lengthwise for maximum flexibility and resilience.

Why Super Stretch?
So you can enjoy freedom of movement even in your jeans. Perfect for small active movements such as jumping, running, and biking!

“Performance jeans” almost sounds like an oxymoron, right? You’d be surprised how many activities can easily be carried out in a pair of blues (or blacks!). The overall goal with Turms’ Super Stretch jeans is to add function to the fashion. They dress up better than traditional blue denim (it helps that they’re slim-fit too), but they’re also super pliable, so you can wear them on your bike commute and even out to the fanciest dinner after work. Get that circuit-training in, practice yoga or if you’re anything like us, even sleep in them! They’re easy PJ replacements.

Turms’ Super Stretch jeans can be worn practically anywhere, anytime and for anything. Throw anything at them, they can take it! No, literally. Throw anything at them. The magic doesn’t stop just there. Along with a 4-way stretch, these jeans are also anti-odour, easy-cool and easy-dry. Take that, protein shake/margarita!

You don’t need a jean-ie for three wishes. If you want that perfect pair of user-friendly, hella stylish jeans to wear with anything and go just about anywhere, these are the pants.