by Kumud Kumar

Get Yourself Some Tricot With A Twist

What if we told you there exists day wear as comfortable as innerwe...
Get Yourself Some Tricot With A Twist URturms

What if we told you there exists day wear as comfortable as innerwear but still ticks all the style boxes? Before you shrug this off, hear us out. Turms has warped regular tricot fabric into a microbe-busting renegade that makes the tropical weather a friend.

                                                                                                                                                                                      You’ve probably seen tricot on lightweight track pants or board shorts synonymous with sweaty workouts and salt stains from the beach. It’s taken a fair amount of mental work to wrap this knit with anti-odour and anti-germ technology and create a fabric that’s not just airy, breathable and soft, but also quick-dry, beautifully drapey and luxurious to the touch.

Here you have the ideal knitted T-shirt in styles that will make old faithful lose quite a bit of chill-time appeal. As a weave itself, tricot is a cut above. Its unique zigzag twists are textured on one side and interlaced using a flat knitting technique which gives it that light and airy feel. Slip it on and long afternoons in sultry humidity aren’t really such a drag anymore.


And because life in the tropics usually means permanent sweat patches and their eventual gag-inducing stench, Turms has snuck in its perfected technology that protects you from germs and odour-causing bacteria.

Remember, you’re looking at a material that promises a drape too. That means no billowing, flappy swathes around your torso, but a unique fall of fabric that subtly shows off your hard work in your home gym without advertising it from the rooftops. This is casual wear at its comfortable best, a lightweight ensemble that even a day’s worth of sweat can’t knock out.

To keep it perfect for the tropics, Turms has chosen premium linen and cotton fibres to thread this collection into your go-to choice for the season. It is upgrading the regular T-shirt to a stylish selection of henleys, polos, crew necks and Johnny collars for playful fashion fun.

Choose a linen-viscose blend for a tricot henley that flirts lightly with smart casuals without the bother of creasing. Turms’ henleys look great with cuffed slim-fit jeans and sleek sneakers, or even with some shorts if you’re headed for an outdoorsy casual brunch. 

 If you prefer a more natural statement, go with 100% premium cotton flat knitted into a suave polo, the more relaxed Johnny collar or the supremely chilled crew neck. These work well with anything from solid denims and even chinos to distressed shorts, tied together with your favourite sunnies and a classic six-panel snapback.



  • Lightweight & breathable fabric
  • Luxurious feel
  • Premium material
  • Anti-odour
  • Anti-germ