by UR Turms

Five Outfits Every Man Should Own

"Style is something each of us already has, all we need to do is fi...
Best White Shirt for Men

"Style is something each of us already has, all we need to do is find it." Diane von Furstenberg couldn’t have been more correct about this.

But where does one begin? The options are endless! And they just keep changing every damn season. Exhausting, right? It doesn’t have to be that tricky, really. There are some outfits for every man that are considered essentials, and for good reason- certain styles are just timeless, and never go out of fashion. Today is about giving you that super convenient cheat-sheet to a wardrobe that’s super fly and makes you look like a thousand bucks. Here, we’ve rounded up the things that every man should have in his closet with a few examples.

Let’s begin!

The Perfect T-Shirt

What: The all-purpose, perfect every day tee is something you just can’t miss. It’s as essential as essential could possibly get. The thoroughly American staple has made its way from proletariat uniform to everyday classic. If crewnecks aren’t your thing, or you just feel like experimenting with your style a little more, you always have the classic polo or a Henley.

How: Wear it on its own or throw a lightweight jacket on to complete the look. A Bomber jacket works great, if you’re stepping out to hit the club or just lounging at a coffee shop with the gang.

Which: This perfect fitting crewneck T-Shirt will be that reliable piece of clothing for you, no matter what you throw at it, quite literally. With nifty Anti-Stain and Anti-Odour tech features, you’re ready. Extra points for Easy-Cool tech that wicks away moisture and keeps you comfortable, dry and cooler by up to 3 °C, even on those sweaty summer days.


Blue Jeans

What: A pair of dark denim jeans that fit like a glove is just a godsend, as they pair well with pretty much anything. With a versatility of their own league, they can help you look dashing instantaneously and effortlessly, whether the dress code is smart casual, semi-formal. Or even if you’re just sofa-snacking. They do it all!

How: A trusted pair of well-fitting jeans you really enjoy wearing can pair well with tees and shirts, alike. Fold or roll (loosely) the hem, two to three times. This no-fuss manoeuvre adds a tapered edginess to normal-length trousers and works particularly well with some selvedge denim. Just keep a pair of white sneakers handy as there’s literally nothing they don’t pair amazingly with.

Which: You just can’t go wrong with a classic American dark blue pair of jeans. The Oscar denim jeans from Turms are tailored from premium cotton combined with elastane for the perfect stretch and extra comfy wearing. Crafted with cooling, wicking, and anti-odour finishes, this pair of denim jeans will be your wardrobe essential to beat the heat during soaring temperatures.





























Casual Shirt


          What: A casual but interesting shirt that you've made your signature is a must-have. Again, an incredibly versatile option, it blends in with the mood depending on what you pair it with. A classic is the Oxford Shirt that looks effortlessly stylish on pretty much everyone. And if you’re willing to experiment further, there’s no dearth of options- find the prints that work for you, or dabble with some checks. Or a nice linen- you can never go wrong with linen. Feel a lil ethnic? Give kurta shirts a shot!

How: A crisp, white, slim-fit Oxford can work wonders for you. Pair them with some jeans, and you’re lunch ready, with a pair of colourful chinos, you’re party ready, and if you throw on a suit jacket, you’re pretty much good to get your best friend married!                       

Best White Shirt for men

                                                                                                                                                                              Which: Turms takes the classics to the next level with this one. With some exquisitely premium fabrics and intelligent technologies, it’s designed to slot seamlessly between the formal and casual. This Anti-Stain & Anti-Odour Oxford shirt is an example of how switching to intelligent fashion is the smartest thing you could do. Get one. Get multiples if you can.




What: Though you seldom go out these days, you should be prepared for the times to come. Ohhh, you'll need these. Nothing more flattering than a good pair of chinos. Yet, they’re abundantly versatile. If you’re unsure about the formal-ness of an event or a gathering, chinos should be your go-to. Because you can’t wear jeans every day and everywhere, can you?

How: Bring back the no-fuss manoeuvre for this one. Fold or roll (loosely) the hem, two to three times to add some tapered edginess. Works incredibly well with some lightweight chinos. Just swap the sneakers for a more formal pair of shoes (bonus tip- make ‘em contrast). Consider the brown lace-ups the most basic but also the most useful type of footwear out there, much like a pair of white sneakers.                                                                      Which: This pair of timeless Trion Beige chinos by Turms is crafted with premium cotton woven into a lightweight fabric, and packs in some real smart features such as Super Stretch, Anti-Stain and Anti-Odour tech. They’re super sturdy, but more importantly, enhanced with just the right amount of stretch, they’re rather soft and comfortable too. 


What: We’ve saved the best for the last! Perfect to get in shape during the lockdown, perfect to lounge out for when you’re through with the unlock. Joggers are amazingly versatile, especially with how athleisure has taken over the world of fashion. But let’s be real. You’re just going to wear ‘em around the house, aren’t you? To be honest, we totally get it!

How: Pair it with a basic tee for the perfect look. Throw on a Bomber jacket and some sneakers, and you’re ready to hit the town! It’s really simple with this one, as it should be.                                                                                                                                                                  Which: Primed for performance on the track, road and other terrains, these joggers from Turms get the jog done (sorry!). Hit the outdoors with a range of smart features such as anti-odour protection, moisture management and more.