Chinos: For The Urban Soldier

Back in the day, men had a vested interest in wearing chinos. With...
Chinos: For The Urban Soldier URturms

Back in the day, men had a vested interest in wearing chinos. With all the warring going on, a sturdy yet comfortable fabric was a pressing need. Enter pantalones chinos made from 100 per cent Chinese cotton - shortened to chinos because nobody had time to chat while being shot at.

But even after the world’s major wars eased up, chinos stuck on, floating beautifully between comfort and formality. The world of men’s fashion ironed out any kinks with a twill weave that ensured a fit a tad bit classier than ‘battlefield rugged'.

                                                                                                                                                                       With Turms’ chinos, however, there’s little reason to stay part of the pack. You’ll want to upgrade to premium in look, feel and quality. And because we’re sure they will work their way into your pile of favourites, Turms’ chinos get special treatment at some of the best textile factories in India . It all starts with carefully selected premium cotton blends that are smothered with lots of TLC by way of anti-stain, anti-odour and anti-germ technology. You’ve now got a pair of trousers that promise easy-peasy maintenance while completely bypassing that weather-beaten gym shorts look.

But let’s not stop there. Its fabric blend makes it easy cool and slightly stretchy to give you trousers that flatter and still offer day-long comfort no matter the weather. You could be stuck without aircon in a power outage at work and walk away without an embarrassing sweat patch below your butt.

Turms uses a special over-dyeing technique that lends its chinos a perfectly imperfect rich colour and unique washed look. And for your well-cared-for skin, there are zero extra chemicals used during manufacture and the finest premium cotton.

To add on to its utility, you’ll find a zipper snugly concealed in these leggy beauties to keep that precious memory card or excess change safe. And five pockets that leave you hands-free. Choose between a classic cut or an ankle-length to go with the mid-rise waist.

Fix yourself up with a range of useful tones from the classic khaki and beige to olive, charcoal and grey. They couple up perfectly with everything from formals, polos and oxfords to plain white tees.

Turms’ chinos gift you that very hip, preppy look every woman’s been swooning over since JFK made it a-ok. If a US president, an Avenger on downtime (Chris Evans’ Steve Rogers) and a suave British spy (Daniel Craig’s James Bond) can make an old school youth subculture go mainstream, you can certainly rock that style without a second thought.




  • Anti-Stain,Anti-Odour,Anti-Germ
  • Easy-Cool & Stretch
  • Premium cotton twill
  • Versatile style