by Asit Patnaik

Chillin’ In High-Tech Linen

 If cotton is your fair-weather friend, linen is your constant. It...
Chillin’ In High-Tech Linen URturms

 If cotton is your fair-weather friend, linen is your constant. It’s the one fabric that can keep you looking chic and just the right type of different the whole year through. Old-school linen jumps from constant to bae with Turms’ high-tech features that launch it straight into the functional fashion big leagues.

We know linen isn’t usually first off the rack on a shopping spree - you’re worried about creasing, staining and wearability. But the fact that it’s survived thousands of years of textile history and twisted itself into Turms’ new anti-stain and anti-odour territory paints a whole new picture for this classic weave. As for the creasing, it’s nothing a misty spray and a hot iron won’t fix.

In this day and age, durability is vital but sadly uncommon. When you combine Mother Nature’s toughest fibre that just happens to get stronger yet softer with every wash and nanotechnology that repels stains and fights BO, you should definitely board the train.

Turms uses the latest from its tech department to neutralise smelly bacteria and repel liquids so you spend your day in the sweltering sun like a breath of fresh air. Yes, all day. And because the team has chosen the best quality linen, you’re looking at comfortable, breathable fabric that feels as cool as cotton but is your swish ticket to the VIP circles. Gotta look like you belong, don’t ya?

Linen is pretty darn versatile too. Its light, luxurious texture swings easily from pool party chic to business meeting charm. And since it keeps you cool during summers and warm during the winter, Turms’ 100% linen shirts are like that best bud you can always count on.

One thing you’ll want to keep in mind when shopping for linens is the fit. Spare yourself the dads-on-vacation look featuring billowy shirts with all the wrong prints. Think Turms’ slim fit in sleek solids that exude business style with neat collars and a button-down, and spin around to casual with rolled-up cuffs and a pair of shorts.

If you’re still half-convinced about this UV-protective fabric, just check in with a whole roll call of celebs - from Chris Hemsworth who paired his smooth linen collared number with tailored chinos to Shah Rukh Khan who wore white on white and looked positively dapper.

Take a rain check on the full business suit this summer by switching up your dress shirt with a premium linen shirt from Turms to offer an added contrast of texture. It’ll take you miles in sweat-free, odour-free comfort.


  • Anti-stain fabric
  • Anti-odour tech
  • Classy, slim-fit cut
  • Durable, breathable and luxurious