by Kamal Kumar

Being intelligent means Staying Safe – in our interest and yours!

Being intelligent means Staying Safe – in our interest and yours! URturms


It’s been over a month of lockdown and every day brings new stories of struggle as well as hope. Frontline workers such as nurses and doctors who are constantly risking their lives, the journalists and policemen who are tirelessly doing their jobs, and all the people who are isolating and staying home are doing their bit to fight this unpreceded crisis, and in doing so have helped ‘flatten the curve’ to a large extent. But it is far from over.

At Turms, we are trying to do our bit to help in any way possible, as always by using intelligence and our capabilities to solve real-world problems. To this end, we recently launched Turms Essentials to provide India with much-needed face masks that are essential in these times. We have also embarked on an initiative for donating these essentials to the less fortunate across the country.

As always, the needs of our customers are top-priority for us at Turms. That’s why, keeping your safety in mind, we have already put several measures in place to ensure that you stay safe when shopping with Turms:

  • Sanitised Facilities
  • Our warehouse, facilities and all fulfilment centres are being deep cleaned and sanitised regularly, with extra care being given to all frequently used surfaces which are thoroughly sanitised on a regular basis.

  • Personal Hygiene
  • We have made it mandatory for all our employees to wash their hands with soap or hand wash regularly, and especially when time they enter or exit the warehouse.

  • Safe Packaging
  • Everyone at Turms is now equipped with facemasks and hand gloves, and employees have been instructed to sanitise their hands before and after packaging every single order. To make sure every package is as safe as it can be, we are even sanitising every package before it is shipped to you, so you can be rest assured that if it is shipped from Turms, it is as safe as it can be.

  • Social Distancing
  • To keep our employees and delivery partners safe, we have made social distancing mandatory in our warehouse. Everyone working in our facilities has been instructed to maintain a 6-feet distance from other people at all times. We are also ensuring that this social distancing is maintained during transport and at entry/exit points.

  • Health Monitoring
  • To leave nothing to chance, and as an added safety measure, we are now conducting temperature checks for all employees, at entry gates, operation areas and workstations as well as monitoring their health as per the medical guidelines.

  • No-Contact Delivery
  • Finally, to ensure your good health and safety we have introduced ‘no-contact delivery’ for all orders shipped from Turms. This means our delivery partners will leave your package at your doorstep or security booth, as advised. All our delivery partners – who now have official permission to operate – have been trained in proper sanitisation and social distancing norms according to WHO and MoHFW guidelines.

    Your safety is as much a priority for Turms as your satisfaction with our products. We are doing all than we can and being extra careful and scrupulous in doing so with one goal: that you feel safe and stay safe when you shop with us.

    Click here to order high quality 3-ply face masks for you and your family; or click here to do your bit and donate face masks to those who can’t afford it. Or if you want to use this time to add some of our intelligent apparel to your wardrobe, you can check out the new arrivals here.

    Stay home, stay safe, stay intelligent.