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Azar Iqbal's Investment in Best Menswear Brand

Introduction: In the dynamic realm of entrepreneurship,...
Azar Iqbal's Investment in Best Menswear Brand


In the dynamic realm of entrepreneurship, visionaries like Azar Iqubal continually redefine success and actively seek out opportunities to support innovative ventures. The founder of Inshorts, Azar Iqubal, recently made headlines for his strategic foray into the world of fashion investment, as he extended his support to Turms Intelligent Apparel on a riveting episode of Shark Tank Season 3, a journey that was vividly captured by Sony Liv.

The collaboration between Inshorts and Turms Intelligent Apparel signifies a unique convergence of technology and fashion, shedding light on the growing trend of tech entrepreneurs diversifying their investments into innovative and forward-looking sectors.

Azar Iqubal's Entrepreneurial Journey:

Azar Iqubal, renowned for his visionary approach to business, has not only redefined success but actively seeks out opportunities to support ventures that align with his forward-thinking ethos. The founder of Inshorts, a platform that revolutionized the way news is consumed, Azar Iqubal has expanded his horizons beyond the realm of tech and news to explore new and exciting sectors.

Turms Intelligent Apparel: A Visionary Investment

  1. Tech Meets Fashion: The collaboration between Inshorts and Turms Intelligent Apparel underscores the intersection of technology and fashion. Turms, known for its intelligent apparel that seamlessly blends style with cutting-edge technology, caught the discerning eye of Azar Iqubal. This investment marks a strategic move into a sector that mirrors the innovation-driven ethos of Inshorts.

  2. Forward-Looking Fashion: Turms Intelligent Apparel has gained prominence for its forward-looking approach to fashion. The brand's commitment to integrating technology into clothing, such as stain repellent fabric and moisture-wicking properties, aligns perfectly with the progressive mindset of both Azar Iqubal and Inshorts. The collaboration signifies a shared vision for the future of fashion, where innovation and functionality coalesce seamlessly.

  3. Shark Tank Season 3 Buzz: The strategic investment by Azar Iqubal in Turms Intelligent Apparel became a headline-grabbing moment during Shark Tank Season 3. The riveting journey, captured by Sony Liv, showcases the synergy between a tech mogul and a fashion-forward brand, creating a narrative that extends beyond traditional investment stories.

Best Menswear Brand in India – Turms Intelligent Apparel:

Turms Intelligent Apparel's strategic partnership with Azar Iqubal's Inshorts positions the brand as one of the best in India, combining the best of technology and fashion. The collaboration is a testament to the brand's rising prominence and its commitment to redefining the landscape of casual and formal wear for men.

Best Casual and Formal Wears for Men:

For men seeking a blend of style, innovation, and functionality, Turms Intelligent Apparel emerges as a top choice. The brand's range of casual and formal wear exemplifies the perfect synergy between fashion-forward design and intelligent features, setting a new standard for what constitutes the best in men's fashion.

In Conclusion:

Azar Iqubal's visionary leap into the world of fashion investment with Turms Intelligent Apparel not only showcases the evolving landscape of entrepreneurship but also signifies the strategic convergence of tech and fashion. As Inshorts and Turms join forces, they propel the narrative of the best brand in India, offering men the best in casual and formal wears that embody a perfect blend of style and technology. The future of fashion, it seems, is in the hands of visionary entrepreneurs like Azar Iqubal and innovative brands like Turms Intelligent Apparel.