by Kamal Kumar


Anti-Odour Descriptor: Enriched silver ions prevent odour-causing ...

Descriptor: Enriched silver ions prevent odour-causing bacteria from multiplying by blocking the division process, and neutralising bacteria before they interact with sweat.
Benefit: Keeps clothes smelling fresh and clean for longer.

Descriptor: Hydrophobic technology that increases the liquid contact angle of the garment to >90 degrees, causing liquids to form droplets and stay “suspended” instead of getting absorbed into the fabric.
Benefit: Provides resistance to water-based stains to keep clothes stain-free and clean for longer.

Descriptor: Spandex integrated into the garment’s fabric in just the right amount allows stretch and recovery both width- and length-wise.
Benefit: Enables easy movement and added comfort.

Descriptor: An optimum mix of both elastane and spandex incorporated into the primary fabric increases its flexibility, both horizontally and vertically.
Benefit: Enables high flexibility in movement and great stretch for added comfort. 

Descriptor: A layer of far-infrared emitting natural minerals insulating the body heat, generating warmth returning it back to the body. Because it is thinner than regular warm clothing, it provides added comfort and facilitates layering.
Benefit: Keeps you feeling warm and toasty in winter without needing bulky woollens.

Descriptor: Coolant and moisture management technology coupled with light-weight fabric makes the garment breathable, and keeps it dry.
Benefit: Keeps you cool, dry and comfortable.  

Energy Recovery
Descriptor: Reflects the energy which the body gives off in the form of far infrared rays to positively affect the body and its stored energy. Helps the wearer maintain his heartbeat and regulate blood flow.
Benefit: Enhances your well-being and helps you sleep better and concentrate more. 

Descriptor: Lowers the effort of washing and maintenance due to the stain-repellent technology which keeps clothes spill proof, and the wrinkle-free technology which makes clothes easy to iron.
Benefit: Enables you to wear the same garment multiple times, while still looking fresh and crisp with every use.

Descriptor: Uses longer staple yarn to make stronger fibre and make the fabric last longer.
Benefit: Makes your clothes durable and keeps them looking new for longer. 

Descriptor: Makes fabric much softer than usual through superior yarn quality. The longer than average staple fabric makes the material feel soft and gentle to touch.
Benefit: Makes your clothes super soft, keeping you comfortable. 

Descriptor: Sericin-based technology that increases the blood flow in the body to ensure proper body functioning, and keeps skin moisturised, refreshed and youthful.
Benefit: Provides moisture, freshness and anti-ageing properties. 

Descriptor: Absorbs body heat when the garment comes in contact with moisture/sweat through moisture-activated technology.
Benefit: Makes your body cooler by up to 3 °C 

Descriptor: A combination of biological components derived from coconut, prevents inhibition of viruses over the fabric.
Benefit: Shields your clothes – and protects you – from harmful viruses. 

Descriptor: Increases the brightness and sheen of fabric through better dye and better yarns with superior counts.
Benefit: Makes your clothes bright and vivid so you can look your smartest. 

Descriptor: Releases an infinite supply of positively charged zinc ions across the fabric to disrupt the cell division of bacteria that produces bad odour.
Benefit: Protects you from germs and odour-causing bacteria. 

Descriptor: Coolant and moisture management technology coupled with light-weight fabric makes the garment breathable, and keeps it dry.
Benefit: Keeps you cool, dry and comfortable.

Descriptor: Tricot is a thin and smooth textured knit consisting of fine or single yarns which form vertical whales on the surface of the fabric and crosswise ribs on the back, resulting in a run-resistant knit. It is often used for the construction of swimwear, underwear, sportswear and gloves. With a remarkable amount of stretch, curves are no match for the elasticity of tricots.
Benefit: Makes clothes airy, breathable and stretchable, while providing a perfect fit and better comfort.

Descriptor: Polyester is a chemical fibre produced from synthetic polymers during a melt spinning procedure. It is a durable and elastic material, which has the additional benefit of being resistant to mould. There are various different types of polyester, the usage depends on the field the material will be used in.
Benefit: Clothes resist wrinkling, abrasion, shrinking, stretching and mildew.

Descriptor: Linen is a textile made from the fibres of the flax plant. Linen is a comfortable material to wear, even in summer, due to the small holes in it. The material is abrasion resistant, durable, and absorbs fluids very quickly.
Benefit: Clothes mad from linen are durable, light and airy that keeps the wearer feeling cool.

100% Cotton
Descriptor: 100% cotton is a material derived from fibers surrounding the seeds of cotton plants. The textile is chemically organic, which means that it does not contain any synthetic compounds. It is known for its exceptional breathability, softness, drapability and lightness.
Benefit: Strong, absorbent and comfortable clothes  due to this versatile material.

Descriptor: Supima is twice as strong as regular cotton, which makes for extraordinarily resilient products. The longer fiber resists pilling, breaking and tearing resulting in fashion and home products that are incredibly resilient and keep their form for a longer-lasting product.
Benefit: Clothes made from the world's finest cotton are 2X stronger, 3X softer and more vibrant than regular cotton.

Wool Blends
Descriptor: Wool blends give you the strength of acrylic with the comfort of wool. It can be knitted into a range of different weights of fabrics to suit many styles of garments, from light weight pullovers to full knit jumpers. This material provides moisture control, ultra comfort and warmth.
Benefit: An absorbent, resilient and wrinkle-resistant material that can easily be moulded and shaped.

Descriptor: Lyocell is a natural fabric obtained by dissolving wood pulp with biological solvents and then spinning it. The process is quick and is more ecological than the production of viscose. Lyocell has a good toughness whether it is dry or wet and absorbs fluids well. In addition, it can be dyed easily and feels smooth and soft.
Benefit: Lyocell is a highly absorbent, soft, drapable and comfortable material that is environment friendly and gentle to the skin.

Descriptor: Merino wool is a powerhouse natural fibre. Exceptionally warm and super soft on the skin, merino is packed with a huge range of high-performance benefits to suit a whole bunch of adventures. Merino keeps you exceptionally warm and comfortable. Merino wool can absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture and still maintain its ability to insulate, keeping you dry, warm and cosy.
Benefit: Merino wool is an absorbent, resilient material that is resistant to bacteria and wrinkles.

Premium Cotton
Descriptor: Premium cotton has a longer staple yarn with a higher count making it stronger, softer and more vibrant than regular cotton.
Benefit: Premium cotton is a strong, soft and comfortable material.