The runways may be filled with enough eye-popping colours to make any unadventurous man sprint in the opposite direction. But if you’re raring to step into trend territory without spinning your look 180 degrees, start with ombré.

This gorgeous gradual shaded effect has existed in nature since the beginning of time. Think of sunsets, autumn trees and blue oceans. The human eye is innately attracted to these gradients which somehow entered fabric dyeing only in the 1800s and has lived on the fashion fringes ever since.

Today, ombré is a favourite of home décor, but that doesn’t mean it’s got to stay stuck on your throw pillows. Step away from harsher block contrasts with ombré shirts and tees that add a little spring to your step compared to the gloomy wintery shades so common in typical men’s wardrobes.

Even fashion-friendly folks should include ombré into their wardrobe. It works especially well on days you don’t want to steal someone else’s thunder (like birthdays and job promotions) but still want to stand apart from the crowd. And if Dior Men pushed ombré elements onto an ombré runway for its spring/summer collection this year, it’s definitely a done deal.

What marks an ombré is a gentle graduation from light to dark that touches all the tones in that spectrum of colour. Choose hues that are fresh and striking, yet soothing, like Turms’ latest collection which pumps in additional functional benefits including anti-odour, easy cool and easy dry for a clean, sweat-free day.

Sewn from 100 per cent cotton, the Ombre Collection promises the perfect combination of comfort and style in polo and crew neck tees. The Turms team keeps you cool with a cotton knit that allows for excellent circulation of air.

Its anti-odour technology stops smelly bacteria from multiplying and breaking down your sweat, so you can look forward to fresh feels all day. There are other features that wick sweat away from your skin as soon as it’s released by your glands and help it evaporate faster so you stay sweat-free and smell-free always.

Style-wise, you don’t need to work too hard with ombrés. Jeans are a natural fit with this style, coupled with cool sneakers. You could also check in with chinos, but make sure the colours don’t clash. Leave the heavy accessories at home - chunky watches, heavy necklaces and flashy belts are best left for another look. Let your ombré shine.


When the weather’s a little nippy, cover up with a monotone cardigan for a little peek-a-boo surprise. If you’re feeling a bit adventurous, try your ombré shirt under a blazer or tone down on formality with an ombré t-shirt and sleek joggers.



  • 100 per cent cotton
  • Anti-odour
  • Easy cool
  • Easy dry
  • Cooling knit fabric

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