When it comes to wool, you don’t want to be part of the herd. Your garden variety offerings are usually just a piece of scratchy fluff. You’ll want to get your hands on a soft fabric that’s cooling when the weather is warm and snug when it’s cold. At Turms, we rely on the Merino sheep who make the premium stuff.

Nope, we’re not pulling the wool over your eyes. This fabric really does exist, and has a history as old as the hills. Merino wool was all the rage in the 12th and 13th centuries in Spain before the breed was refined in the extreme climes of New Zealand and Australia. It’s so soft and thin that you can even chuck the undershirt and wear it against your skin.

The fibres are long and fine, a third the diameter of human hair! So when it touches your skin it simply bends away. This means no itchiness. The biggest advantage, however, is its natural air-conditioning. Hot outdoors? Your Merino wool clothes will keep you cool by drawing sweat away from your skin when it’s still vapour. Feeling cold? The bends in your Merino wool sweater insulate you by trapping air. Now you know why those sheep seem so chill, no matter the weather.


There’s another reason why Turms loves Merino wool - it’s renewable and biodegradable. On the sheep, the fleece never stops growing and they have to be sheared once a year (More for us!). And once you’ve squeezed your Merino wool sweater for years of use, six months in the ground will leave it non-existent.

There’s one pain point Merino wool fixes that’s hard for other fabrics to do naturally. It keeps smelly bacteria at bay. It’s been put to the test and even days of wearing without washing won’t have you giving off any smells that trigger a gag reflex.

For one, it is antimicrobial so it gets rid of odour-causing bacteria before they have a chance to find your sweat. This works perfectly with its porous quality, where it keeps you dry even if you’re being active in the heat of the sun. So you’re looking at saving water and time from having to wash less often, and bothering less about sweat stains than you would with a regular cotton shirt.

Old-fashioned short fibre wool isn’t just scratchy and uncomfortable, but easily absorbs smells and needs special care. Wouldn’t you rather ditch the itch and get a premium fabric that’s easy on the skin, perfect for all weathers, can be worn multiple times without washing and still doesn’t smell? That isn’t just smart. It’s shear genius.



  • Soft & Fine Fabric
  • Perfect for All Seasons
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Anti-microbial & Anti-odour
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