Before you know it, the weather has drifted from sweltering heat to shivering cold and you need to turn your wardrobe inside out. But you want to avoid that careless roll into Michelin man territory with bulky sweaters and balaclavas.

Step onto the right track with layering that helps deal with sudden shifts in temperature. Choosing the right layers can avoid you cooking in your thermals as the office air-conditioner grates on at 24 degrees while it’s teeth-chatteringly cold outdoors. Still, you can’t expect to turn heads with dull polyester sweaters when you could be wearing the cheerful shades of summer in the dreary depths of winter.

With high-quality fabrics, you’ve got an advantage in functionality and edge in fashion. As the temperature drops, bring out the cardigans. They’re easy to throw on, light to carry if you warm up, and add a bit of prep to your look. Give it a slightly old-school vibe with pleated trousers, ribbed dress socks and loafers. You’ll want to wear a crisp button-down shirt underneath.

With linen, take advantage of its insulating properties and wear it under a blazer or suit. You’ll be able to avoid a stuffy three-piece, but this would ideally be for locations where temperatures don’t drop too low.

Sweaters are a mainstay of winterwear. Do yourself a favour and throw in some colour. A crew-neck pullover in pure cotton twins well with slim jeans and lace ups. For a slightly more luxurious feel, go with Merino wool that’s softer and thinner than the regular farmyard variety - comfortable enough to wear against your skin. Avoid the stale sweat smells from sudden temperature changes with Turms anti-germ and anti-odour sweaters.


Move your long-sleeve denim shirt to your winter wardrobe by sliding a jet-black turtleneck underneath over crisp white chinos. Or pair denim on denim and break it up with a casual knit scarf and burgundy leather boots.

If work calls, wear a sleek blazer over a long-sleeve crew neck, and switch it up for an edgy leather jacket as you step out in the evening. Choose rich colours like wines and graphites if you’re going for a water-repellent jacket, with Turms anti-odour tech to keep you free from wet weather smells.


And finally, there is no winter look without a hoodie. Look chill and comfy with some form-fitting jeans and tennis shoes or partner up with a long coat for some European style. Stay a step away from the crowd by pulling a denim jacket over your favourite hoodie and slipping into some slim black jeans and converse to complete the look. You can opt for a leather jacket instead if your style is a little more goth.


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