In Short? Go for These Shorts!

In Short? Go for These Shorts!

According to a poll, nearly half of the Work From Home workforce isn’t always wearing pants during their workday, with men being three times as likely as women to do so. Honestly, you can’t really blame them!

With your dining table becoming the conference room and Work From Home becoming the new normal, shorts are the perfect choice for WFH wear. They are great for about 90 percent of your video conferences, especially if you’re for the “WFH mullet” (business up top, party on the bottom). You know, since aside from the obvious heat-bearing utility of shorts, the beauty of working from home, and the resulting Zoom meetings, is that you’re only top-half-on-show. So, no matter how formal you might need to be for work, what’s beneath it doesn’t quite matter, really.

With lines blurred between working from home, and actually spending quality time by yourself or with your loved ones, it’s important to be exceptionally comfortable throughout the day, instead of waiting for the evening to get back home and change into something more home-appropriate. It all points to one thing- shorts are now an absolute necessity. Which leads us to the very pressing question- which ones, though? They have to be perfect after all.


Luckily, for you, we have the answer to satiate all your comfy worries. You know, something both, not too tight and not too loose, somehow. The most comfortable pair of shorts you’ll own. But also something that looks great and doesn’t make you feel like a total slob. And some bonus features thrown in. We’re not pulling your leg. It’s true.

Introducing shorts by Turms. They’re kinda dressy, fit amazingly, and you wouldn’t have to change if you’re in the mood for a quick walk around the block or a work out to avoid the perpetually looming cabin fever (one fever lesser to worry about). Made from premium cotton, they’re extremely soft and lightweight. Yet, they’re comfy and stretchy enough. The fabric is actually a blend of cotton and elastane which means that it stretches and offers increased mobility and flexibility and allows you to sit comfortably in your house for eight consecutive hours.


What that also means is that while they’re great to lounge around in, they also still fit well—even after you’ve hogged your entire quarantine snack stash in a single day. Isn’t that the dream? Thanks to their mid-rise slim (but not too slim) profile, well-designed taper, and overdyed look (dyed twice; once with pigment and the second time with direct dyes), no one’s going to think you’re wandering around in your jammies (even when you actually are). It’s called athleisure, plebs!

The bonus features? We didn’t forget about them. So, these miraculous shorts come with Easy-Cool to provide you with maximum comfort, making WFH a breeze. They also come with Anti-Germ and Anti-Odour – these technologies keep you well ventilated and fresh-feeling for longer, and allow you to wear these shorts multiple times before needing to wash them. And last but not the least Turms shorts also come with Anti-Viral, one of our latest technologies designed to shield clothes and protect you from harmful viruses. This phenomenal combination of features means it’s more than just dressing to be as comfortable as possible—it’s dressing to put yourself in the right mental space to get down to business.

So there you have it. Turms shorts FTW? We think so, too.

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