Get that Cape, We’ve Got the Masks!

Get that Cape, We’ve Got the Masks!

Super masks for super folk

Oh, Lord! We weren’t expecting a headache of such intensity, when we set out to research about the masks available to you guys when the COVID-19 pandemic started to peak.

The market was swamped with “surgical masks” that broke before you put them on. Then there were supposedly “protective” quirky masks that did little more than fooled you and everyone around in terms of any actual protection. Most of the masks available were just plain boring at the cost of being borderline functional. Oh, and don’t get us started on the pain and the discomfort of having those bulky masks on the entire day! Those straps could really make a grown man cry!

This shouldn’t be so hard, right? To make a mask that provides proper protection from viruses that suits your style and lifestyle but which is also so comfortable you can wear it all day long? Well, it’s a yes, but also a no. It’s a yes because it is undeniably tough, but it’s a no from us, because we don’t let such things get in the way.

The need of the hour was a versatile mask that reflects your personality so no one would confuse you for someone you weren’t. And obviously, at Turms, we do things a little differently. So, our aim was simple: To Make the most beautiful, efficient, comfortable and the best manufactured, reusable consumer masks possible! Tall task? You bet. But, we had an advantage over every other mask manufacturer.

We decided to combine nanotechnology and our well-known expertise in fabric technology to overcome all the common shortcomings and create masks that were better in just about every manner possible.

A lot of thought and effort went into designing these Turms masks, and we’re confident you won’t notice it, because we’ve ensured they’re light as a feather and soft as a baby’s bottom. That’s because the fabric used is made from Supima, the world’s finest, lightest and softest cotton, so you’re extra comfortable no matter how long you have it on.

Not one, not two, we added three layers of it to Turms masks for world-class 3-layer protection. Plus, the 160gsm Supima is twice as strong as regular cotton, which makes for an extraordinarily resilient mask. Turms masks offer 99% germ protection and a high BFE – even after multiple washes! And that’s just the start. The custom hydrophobic finish ensures they don’t become dirty easily and dust & aerosol particles would never be a concern. And our Easy Cool tech means you can breathe easy, all day. As always, your favourite anti-stain, anti-germ and anti-odour technologies make a comeback with these masks. Which is why we call them super masks! But you don’t have to take just our word for it. Instead you can trust TUVRheinland, one of the world’s leading testing service providers who’ve certified Turms masks after going through extensive testing according to international standards at the hands of their highly qualified experts.

On top of all this, we decided to make Turms Masks as cool and quirky as you are! After all, it’s you we are making them for. So we added much-needed colour, cool patterns, cooler graphics so that Turms Masks aren’t just something you wear to stay safe during the pandemic, you also use it to accessorise your outfit to match your personality. That’s why Turms’ masks are quirky and stylish, and we’re oh so proud of the entire collection! Don’t worry, we’ve always loved our basics too; it’s all there! And no, we won’t blame you if you want one of each. Oh, and then there’s the ear loops and a head strap as well to make things all the more breezy. Yes, yes, we went all out. That’s just our style.

So head on over to the Turms Masks section and check out right super mask for the super you! And prepare to step out in style and enjoy super protection while being super comfortable.

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